One of the books I have been working through lately is John Piper’s, Future Grace. I commend the book to all and would like to share a portion concerning grace and mercy that served my soul.

” Since sin always brings misery, and misery is always experienced by sinners, therefore all of God acts of mercy, and all his acts of mercy are also acts of grace.  Every act of grace shown to a person because he is a sinner is also an act of mercy because his sin brings misery.  And every act of mercy shown to a person because of his miserable plight is also an act of grace because he does not deserve it.  It never makes sense to say that sometimes God shows mercy and sometimes he shows us grace.  Whenever he shows one he is showing the other.  The difference is whether the act of goodness is viewed in relation to our sin or in relation to our misery.”

How kind of God to show mercy because of my misery which is also an act of grace because we do not deserve it. A question I must keep before me each and every day.  Do I take his grace/mercy for granted?  Do I so quickly forget that His ability to show me grace/mercy came at a great cost….His wrath poured on His son, our Savior, JESUS.

Remaining desperate..

* After posting, I came upon a video on Justin Taylor’s blog, Between Two Worlds, that moved me to tears…I must share: