Last night our youngest son, Drew, put a post on Twitter concerning a YouTube video he claimed as ‘incredible’.  It is a small portion John Piper’s sermon from June 21, 2009, The Tragic Cost of Her Cavernous Thirst.  His message was taken from John 4: 16-26, the conversation between Jesus and woman at the well.  I loved and was challenged by this portion of the sermon:

Learning About Jesus—And Ourselves

Here we are learning about Jesus, and we are learning about ourselves. He is compassionate and aggressive and surgical and relentless in his love. He knows all your past and all your present. Nothing is hidden from him. One person in the universe knows you completely—the most important person. He is indeed a prophet, and more than a prophet, as we will see more clearly next week.

And you are meeting yourself in this woman. One of the evidences that we have not drunk the water of life, or that we are quenching its spring, is that we are unstable like this woman, and always moving from one thing to the next seeking to fill the void that Jesus promises to fill.

I am amazed that Christ, the most important person in the universe and the person who knows me completely; he knows everything about me, yet he loves me….there is no greater love than this!

Enjoy the video that Drew placed on Twitter….