Back in March I read an article by John Piper that had an impact on my soul; so much so I printed it off and place it above our computer as a reminder of its importance.  The title of the article was, Never Let the Gospel Get Smaller.  In it Piper states, ” Our temptation is to think that the gospel is for beginners and then we go on to greater things.  But the real challenge is to see the gospel as the greatest thing–and getting greater all the time.

This truth is new to our family.  I am amazed at the importance of keeping the gospel at the center of everything.  I was meeting with a friend after work today and it was so obvious that applying the gospel is exactly what he needs to do.  The article list some things you can do to keep the Gospel in its proper perspective.  He says, ” The Gospel gets bigger when, in your heart…

  • grace gets bigger
  • Christ gets greater
  • his death gets more wonderful
  • his resurrection gets more astonishing
  • the work of the Spirit gets mightier
  • the power of the gospel gets more pervasive
  • its global extent gets wider
  • your own sin gets uglier
  • the devil gets more evil
  • the gospel’s roots in eternity go deeper
  • its connections w/ everything in the Bible and in the world gets stronger
  • the magnitude of its celebration in eternity gets louder

As you think about issues and challenges in your life, think about the gospel and you will find it applies each and every time.

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