My son, Josh, sent me an article by Mark S. Dorn, entitled…Accountability: Checklist or Relationship?  I was only able to peruse it when he first sent it but today I was able to read it thoroughly.  Under the title of the article was written…Accountability is more about connecting with one another than policing.  I was challenged with my mindset of accountability being a group of men keeping up with each other so we behave a certain way.  There is always a tendancy to attack behavior first and deal with the heart later…or not deal with it at all.  Heart work is hard work!  Whatever is our treasure controls our heart and our heart controls our behavior.  The following are some of the quotes that impacted me greatly:

  • These men do or don’t do certain activities because of the power of another man’s eyes upon their eyes.
  • Traditional accountability may deliver a deadly message: I can manage my sin and struggle by being held accountable and being faithful to a few crucial disciplines.
  • Law is utterly powerless to change the human heart.
  • External measures and codes that are enforced by a kind of policing mentality may well have disastrous potential.
  • Community means people in intimate relationships, opening their lives to one another in a way that combats mediocrity and sin.
  • Such redefined, redemptive accountability could be characterized by (1) coming out of isolation, (2) telling our stories, and (3) embracing mystery with others.
  • True and redemptive accountability must go beyond a checkup, and must call us out of isolation and into relationship with others.
  • Tradional accountability demystifies life and relationships by giving us something to work on…herein lies its appeal.
  • Passion is a big word in my glimpses of redefined accountability

“Perhaps accountability redefined will be accountability loosely defined. It will take on the peculiar shape of the relationships between the men involved. It would be a tragic mistake to dismiss all accountability as a shallow waste of time that won’t touch anyone. This would leave men answerable to no one—a perilous place indeed. But bring in the elements of storytelling relationships that are long on grace, and you have a redemptive accountability where men no longer have to hide in isolation, where sin is exposed and forgiven, where the confusing pain of life is shared, and where genuine change is fostered.”

May we all come out of hiding seeking relationships for the glory of God.

Remaining desperate….