Today I had a very special conversation with a friend that lives out of state.  There was a time when we were inseparable; our families attended church together, we spent time together as families and my friend and I even met once per week for accountability.  But as a Sovereign God should, He does as He pleases to bring glory to Himself , and in doing so, he reveals his glorious self to us.  In that context, I can thank God that we are no longer close enough to see each other on a regular basis.  But in my heart, I miss my friend and look forward to a time when we will be together with our God in a state of self-forgetfulness, with our only thought on the One who created us to enjoy Him forever.

I so appreciated my friend’s candor today; expressing a desire to live in the light.  As we spoke, I could feel the pleasure of God as I heard a man who was tired of trying to find satisfaction in lesser pleasures.  What a gift it is for God to not allow us to be satisfied with lesser things.   As we continued to talk, I realize that our all wise God was allowing us to talk about things that may not have ever been discussed when we were closer.  God in His kindness had ordained our lives in such a way to enjoy Him together as we talked about our treasure.

Treasure was a word that was brought up several times in the conversation.  We discussed that whatever our treasure is will control our heart, and whatever controls our heart will control our behavior.  We talked about that in our self-righteousness we want to approach our behavior first, making some adjustment to our actions to feel better about ourselves.  But God wants to transform our heart so that our good works flow from the passion for our treasure. We were both challenged as we knew that some sort of behavior modification would not change the tendency of our hearts to drift away from the Treasure who did not spare his own son, but poured his righteous wrath on him so we could be forgiven and enjoy him forever.  Hallelujah…what a Savior!!

Thank you God for my friend and thank you for your kindness to show us how desperate we are for you.

I have watched this several time but it is once again an appropriate reminder…

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