Today marks the 32nd week of meeting each Wednesday with 6 to 10 guys around the sanctifying power of God.  I consider it indeed a privilege to be in this group and I am reminded each week of the importance for men having this as a regular part of their lives.  My prayer is that this will continue indefinitely!  We have been reading a chapter each week out of Paul Tripp’s  book, Whiter Than Snow; today was chapter 32.  Today’s chapter was entitled, Your Ultimate Fear.  The opening paragraph is as follows:

What’s the thing that you dread most?  What’s your biggest fear?  What are you convinced you cannot live without?  What would your biggest personal disaster look like?  I got to thinking about the question of my own ultimate fear as I was reading Psalm 51 once again.  David prays, “Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me.”  This should be our greatest fear in all of life, but is it?

Our time together was spent asking these difficult questions of one another, confessing our sins one to another, and challenging each other to desire the joy of God’s salvation.  The end of the chapter had some good questions a well.

1.  Be honest: what is it that brings the most fear into your heart?

2.  What things in your life are you convinced that you cannot live without?

*Pray for a heart that is so fully satisfied with God that you are able to be content with what he has alced in your life.

It was a great morning…cannot wait until next Wednesday!!

Paul Tripp has just finished his newest book, Broken Down House.  Enjoy this video with Dr. Tripp talking about the book.

Remaining desperate…