The title of this post came from something I read today by Charles Spurgeon.  Have you thought and meditated on this, evaluating your life’s response to how Jesus has dealt with you? If you leave the Gospel and stop preaching it to yourself, your life will not be a response of incredible gratitude, but one of complaining, grumbling and living a life that says…I am entitled for things to go well with me.  Allow Spurgeon speak:

“Salvation is often accomplished by a lengthened process. I have heard that when builders wanted to bridge a great chasm, they shot across the river an arrow or a bullet that drew with it a tiny thread. That was all the communication from bank to bank, and the rolling torrent was far below. Despise not the day of small things! The insignificant beginning was prophetic of grand results. By means of that little thread they drew across a piece of twine. When they had safely grasped it on the other side, they bound a small rope to the end of twine, and they drew the rope across. Then to that rope they tied a cable, and they drew the cable across. And now over that chasm there strides an iron bridge, along which the train rattles with his mighty load.

So does Jesus unite us to Himself. He may employ at first an insignificant thread of thought, then a sense of pleasant interest, then some deeper feeling, then a crushing emotion, then a faint faith, then stronger faith, then stronger yet, until, as last, we come to be firmly bound to Christ. Be thankful if you have only a thread of communication between you and Jesus, for it will lead to more. Something more hopeful will be drawn across the gulf before long. Christ’s attractions are often very gradually revealed, and their victorious energy is not felt all at once.”

May we see the gentleness by which God deals with us through a…insignificant thread of thought….sense of pleasant interest….some deeper feeling crushing emotiona faint faithstronger yetand then firmly bound to Christ.  I have been bound to so many things in my life…so many idols, so many self-gratifying pursuits, so many lesser pleasures.  My prayer for Kay, Josh, Meggie, Bethany, Peter, Jake, Loren, Drew  and myself is that we would desperately yearn to be firmly bound to Christ.  The bondage of being bound to Christ produces a freedom to enjoy the pleasures of God.  May God break us of all our idols that bind us so we can be bound to our Savior.

Remaining desperate…

May God move in your heart as you listen..