Today and each time we leave church after a wonderful time of experiencing the grace and mercy of God, I leave with a thankful heart as well as challenged to hunger and thirst for righteousness. I cannot express the evidence of grace that our church, Cornerstone of Knoxville , is to our family and the manner in which God has used it to lift up his Son to his proper and deserving place. What freedom there is when life is no longer about us and we enjoy the privilege of desiring God above all things. May we pray for an insatiable desire for Him and never settle for lesser pleasures…only he can satisfy our hungry hearts. Allow this quote via John Owen from First Importance, Beholding the Glory of Christ , express the yearning of our hearts.

“How, then, can we behold the glory of Christ? We need, firstly, a spiritual understanding of his glory as revealed in Scripture. Secondly, we need to think much about him if we wish to enjoy him fully (1 Pet. 1:8). If we are satisfied with vague ideas about him we shall find no transforming power communicated to us. But when we cling wholeheartedly to him and our minds are filled with thoughts of him and we constantly delight ourselves in him, then spiritual power will flow from him to purify our hearts, increase our holiness, strengthen our graces, and sometimes fill us ‘with joy inexpressible and full of glory.’”

– John Owen, The Glory of Christ, abridged and made easy by R. J. K. Law (Carlisle, Pa.: Banner of Truth Trust, 1994), 115.