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Life Before Death

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I spent some time today at a site, Life Before Death, showing the faces of people with a terminal illness a short time before they die and then at death. Although it was a somber experience, I was impacted the most by their quotes before death and at the time of death. One quote from 67 year old Gerda Strech was particulary moving:

“Gerda couldn’t believe that cancer was cheating her of her hard-earned retirement. “My whole life was nothing but work, work, work,” she told me. She had worked on the assembly line in a soap factory, and had brought up her children single-handedly. “Does it really have to happen now? Can’t death wait?” she sobbed”

And another from her 9 days later near the point of her death:

“On one visit Gerda said, “It won’t be long now”, and was panic-stricken. Her daughter tried to console her, saying: “Mummy, we’ll all be together again one day.” “That’s impossible,’ Gerda replied. “Either you’re eaten by worms or burned to ashes.” “But what about your soul?” her daughter pleaded. “Oh, don’t talk to me about souls”, said her mother in an accusing tone. “Where is God now?”

And this from 51 year old Barbara Gröne:

“All her life, Barbara had been plagued by the idea that she has no right to be alive. She had been an unwanted baby: soon after her birth, her mother had put her into a home. But she had a strong survival instinct, and became very focused, she said, very disciplined in the way she lived. After much hard work, it seemed that life was at last delivering her a better hand”

And this 11 days later at the point of death:

“But then the cancer struck: an ovarian tumour, which had already spread to her back and pelvis. Nothing could be done. Abruptly her old fears returned: the familiar sense of worthlessness and sadness. At the end of her life, Barbara told me that she was overwhelmed by these feelings. “All my efforts were in vain”, she said. “It is as though I am being rejected by life itself”

I was reminded there there is no hope outside of Christ; that only He adds any meaning during our life and especially at the point of death. I pray that this will impact you in such a way to draw you closer to the One who did not spare His own Son but freely gave Him for us all.

Remaining desperate…