We were blessed today at our church to have Bob Kauflin with us leading in worship as well as preaching about worship. It was incredibly encouraging and challenging to be reminded that worship is about our total lives completely given to Christ and his purposes. There will be only disappointment waiting for us if we compartmentalize our lives for “worship” on Sunday and then the remainder of the week we are looking forward to coming back together to worship again. We are worshippers 24/7!! His main point which was in the form of a question was, “Can we as a church explain who we are?”

A few of his quotes are as follows:

“Knowing who the church is transforms everything we do.”

“Everything we are rests on Jesus.”

“If you build your life (or the church) on anything but Christ it will fail at the end.”

“We are eternally joined with everyone else He has redeemed.”

“W are built into each other like living stones.”

“No special human being should be given credit for bringing anyone into the presence of God…only Jesus can do that.”

“God wants everything you are.”

“We really one have two needs…To love God with all our heart, soul, mind & strength…and second…To love others as ourselves.”

“The church exists to accomplish His purposes for His glory.”

Thank you, Bob for your presence today and the reminder that what defines us…rules us. Now, this video via Dave Crowder is about the object of our worship…King Jesus. Remaining desperate…Mike