Yet I Sin…

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Tonight during some much needed time with God before bed, I was reading a Puritan Prayer in Valley of Vision, Yet I Sin. I have read this before and remember that as I read it, the Holy Spirit moved within me to remind me of the ugliness of my sin and the … “glories of the saving cross”. I pray that it will serve to remind you of the same.


Eternal Father,

“Thou art good beyond all thought, but I am vile, wretched, miserable, blind; my lips are ready to confess, but my heart is slow to feel, and my ways reluctant to amend. I bring my soul to thee; break it, wound it, bend it, mould it. Unmask to me sin’s deformity, that I may hate it, abhor it, flee from it. My faculties have been a weapon of revolt against thee; as a rebel I have misused my strength, and served the foul adversary of thy kingdom. Give me grace to bewail my insensate folly, grant me to know that the way of transgressors is hard, that evil paths are wretched paths, that to depart from thee is to lose all good.

I have seen the purity and beauty of thy perfect law, the happiness of those in whose heart it reigns, the clam dignity of the walk to which it calls, yet I daily violate and contemn its precepts. Thy loving Spirit strives within me, brings me Scripture warnings, speaks in startling providences, allures by secret whispers, yet I choose devices and desires to my own hurt, impiously resent, grieve, and provoke him to abandon me. All these sins I mourn, lament, and for them cry pardon. Work in me more profound and abiding repentance; give me the fullness of a godly grief that trembles and fears, yet ever trusts and loves, which is ever powerful, and ever confident; grant that through the tears of repentance I may see more clearly that brightness and glories of the saving cross.”

Remaining desperate…


O Sacred Head, Now Wounded…

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The words to this hymn say it all…Mine, mine was the transgression, but thine the deadly pain

May we cry out for the grace and mercy to never forget what our SIN cost Him!

O sacred Head, now wounded,
With grief and shame weighed down;
Now scornfully surrounded
With thorns, thine only crown;

O sacred Head, what glory,
What bliss till now was thine!
Yet, though despised and gory,
I joy to call thee mine.

What thou, my Lord, hast suffered
Was all for sinners’ gain:
Mine, mine was the transgression,
But thine the deadly pain.

Lo, here I fall, my Saviour!
‘Tis I deserve thy place;
Look on me with thy favor,
Vouchsafe to me thy grace.

What language shall I borrow
To thank thee, dearest Friend,
For this thy dying sorrow,
Thy pity without end?

O make me thine for ever;
And should I fainting be,
Lord, let me never, never
Outlive my love to thee.

Be near when I am dying,
O show thy cross to me;
And for my succor flying,
Come, Lord, to set me free:

These eyes, new faith receiving,
From Jesus shall not move;
For he who dies believing,
Dies safely, through thy love.


This Resolved Conference trailer says it so well…

Remaining desperate..





A love & passion for God’s word…

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I continue to be convicted with my lack of time in God’s word each morning, which is a direct reflection of my lack of love for it. Oh, how I may see my desperate state and realize my incredible need for the words of God to transform my heart and mind. I was encourage by C.J. Mahaney’s blog post yesterday, Early Morning Spiritual Battles, with Jeff Purswell’s and C.J.’s transparency about their battles each morning to spend quality time with God in his Word.

In the book, Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life, by Donald Whitney, I was moved with a portion of what I read today in the chapter on Bible Intake (part 1).

“We should all have the passion for reading God’s word of the man in this story. Evangelist Robert L. Summer, in his book The Wonder of the Word of God, tells of a man in Kansas City who was severely injured in an explosion. His face was badly disfigured, and he lost his eyesight as well as both hands. he had just become a Christian when the accident happened, and one of his greatest disappointments was that he could no longer read the Bible. Then he heard about a lady in England who read braille with her lips. Hoping to do the same, he sent for some books of the Bible in braille. But he discovered that the nerve endings in his lips had been too badly damaged to distinguished the characters. One day, as he brought one of the braille pages to his lips, his tongue happened to touch a few of the raised characters and he could feel them. Like a flash he thought, “I can read the bible by using my tongue.” At the time Robert Sumner wrote his book, the man had read through the entire Bible four times. If he can do that, can you discipline yourself to read the Bible?”

May we have a passion for the very words of God’s and fully realize the our desperate need we have for a daily intake of the transforming power of the Bible.

Remaining desperate…

Josh is 25 today…

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Wow…Josh, our oldest son, is 25 today. I had the joy of having some great conversation with Josh this morning, reminiscing on the goodness of the Lord. As a father, one of my passions is to encourage my children to consider it all loss, to take a risk for the sake of spreading the gospel to a dying world. Josh has this passion. He challenges me with his love for others and his desire to pour his life into the lives of others. He is a young man that understands the true pleasures of God…God Himself. I am humbled by God’s kindness in allowing me to be his father. I pray that as he has celebrated his 25th year today, he has been reminded of WHOSE he is…the one who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all.

These verses speak of Josh’s life…may his passion continue to burn for our Lord Jesus.

Acts 20:24: “I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may accomplish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

Philippians 3:7-8: “But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as refuse, in order that I may gain Christ.”

Happy Birthday, son!!

The Lion Roars

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One of the many privileges I experience each day in my work as a junior high principal, is to read to the students each morning while they wait to be dismissed to first period. I usually start reading about 7:15 and read until 7:40. I am presently reading book two of the Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. This morning we finished chapter 10, The Return of the Lion, and began chapter 11, The Lion Roars. I was particularly moved with a portion that depicted the relationship between Lucy and Aslan. The following is taken from chapter ten.

Lucy buried her head in his mane to hide from his face. But there must have been magic in his mane. She could feel lion-strength going into her. Quite suddenly she sat up. “I’m sorry, Aslan,” she said. ‘I’m ready now.” “Now you are a lioness,” said Aslan. “And now all Narnia will be renewed. But come. We have no time to lose.”…

And so at last they got on the move. Lucy went first, biting her lip and trying not to say all the things she thought of saying to Susan. But she forgot them when she fixed her eyes on Aslan.

It moved me so to see how Lucy trusted Aslan, even when she was scared of what he was asking of her. As she trusted and followed him, he became her sole focus. What a picture this is of our relationship with Christ. As we walk in faith, we come to know him more intimately. This intimacy leads us into a relationship with Him where He becomes our treasure and we fix our eyes upon Him.

Remaining desperate-

I look forward to the movie this summer…

Enjoy the trailer…

The Gospel in 6 minutes…

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God has not destined you for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,who died for you so that whether you wake or sleep you will live with him.

“1Thessalonians 5:9-10…it’s just as pure gospel as you can get.” John Piper

This video is worth every minute…

When Sinners Say I Do…

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This is what I posted on a blog in which I am contributor, Becomers Blog, that a friend created so his wife and he could involve themselves in a book that we are reading, When Sinners Say I Do, with three other couples. We meet in our home once per month and Chris and Karen interact on the blog that Chris developed. I cannot say enough about this book and how God is using it as a means of incredible grace in our marriage. This is my latest post concerning a portion of chapter two.

CHAPTER TWO (III) The Worst Thing About Sin…

I am confident that a proper understanding of the Doctrine of Sin is paramount. For me, it has driven me to to cross for God’s grace and mercy as the only solution. How can I focus on Kay’s sin when the knowledge of my own causes me to continually cry for forgiveness? How can I ever justify that her sin deserves judgement from me? Just the thought that I deserve my rights in our relationship is evidence of what a sinful man I am. May my only cry be for mercy!!

In the final portion of chapter two, Harvey makes such an important point. He states that what changes everything about sin is to realize it is first against God. My very nature (which is sinful) is against God’s nature (which is holy). He is correct that what will change how we see our unkind words and actions towards our spouse is to stop calling it unkind words and actions. We need to call it what it is, a sinful act to a Holy God. The quote via Jerry bridges says it so well…

“Sin is wrong , not because of what it does to me, or my spouse, or child, or neighbor, but because it is an act of rebellion against an infinitely holy and majestic God.” Jerry BridgesThe Discipline of Grace

I was challenged by Harvey’s confession of how God changed his perception of “little sins”. I pray that God would change my heart to experience true sorrow for “little sins”. My we allow J.I. Packer’s quote to penetrate our hearts….“There can be no small sins against a great God”.

Questions we should all ask ourselves:

1. Have we become “comfortable” with certain sins?
2. Are we willing to battle those temptations?
3. Do we see our sins, even the “little ones”, as sin against a Holy God?
4. Are we willing to see a God-glorifying marriage for what it is, not to first feel more loved or have more marital satisfaction, but for the purpose of putting the Gospel on display?

Only when we realize that our marriage was not created for us, but that the maximum pleasure of our marriage will be found in a desire to make Jesus Christ look total satisfying. It is so important that we properly understand how sin destroys that ultimate pleasure. In our deceitful hearts, we think that turning from our sin will not give us ultimate pleasure. Ultimate pleasure is only found in God and sin keeps us from fully enjoying Him. May we all see that our problem is not our spouse, our children, our job, our parents, our circumstances, etc., our problem is ourselves. My problem is Mike Simmons, the worst sinner I know. Oh, how I pray that God will burn this truth into my heart and break down all the sinful defenses that keep me from it.

So what can we do today to go in this direction? We can preach the Gospel to ourselves, reminding ourselves of what our sin cost our Savior. The Gospel will show us two things with complete clarity…our sin and God’s solution. We not only need to to remind ourselves of this daily, we need to embrace it as our only hope.

Our God is amazing in all of His ways!!

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